Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quiet Heros and Hope

Often, stories get forwarded to me, stories about cancer kids, cancer survivors. We virtually know lots of parents of kids who have cancer. Most of the stories are nice, interesting. Every now and then, one just touches my heart. Here is one that touched my heart. It's a speech given by a mom of a child with cancer. She's talking about how us, "cancer moms", moms of kids with cancer, are quiet heroes. I don't consider myself a hero. I did what I had to do. Any mom, of any child who has been diagnosed with cancer, does exactly that...what they have to do to make their child's life as "good" as possible, while they fight the disease.

I never thought that we'd keep on fighting, though, long after Marielle was cancer free...but I've learned that it's the norm. Many kids suffer life long effects from the chemotherapy. But it's a trade off you make's not a good trade off, but what can you do? Your options are your child's life or possible long term effects. So you choose what you must choose.

This story is real. The good, the bad, the ugly. But most of all the hope that lives on. And Hope does live on.... warning have your tissues ready.