Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving Right Along

Well, I'm moving right along with my recovery. I went to the kids school yesterday. Rico had an IEP meeting. I wanted to go to show that, no matter what, when it's my child's education that is involved, I would be there.

It was nice to see the school staff. The meeting went well. Rico has his IEP for speech only, so it was just a matter of talking about goals and setting them up for the next year. By the way, his speech has improved tremendously. When he first went into speech, a little over 3 years ago, he could only say 18 out of 88 sounds tested. Now he only needs work with a few sounds.

I did pay the price for all the walking, though. I had to walk from the car to the office to sign in, then down 2 halls to get to the meeting. Later in the day I was wiped out, and slept for a good 3 hours.

But still, I feel like I'm making good progress!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hip Replacement Surgery

So, on March 4th, I had hip replacement surgery on my left hip. That's a little over 2 weeks ago now.

I was in the hospital for 6 days, mostly because they couldn't get their act together to get me transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility. I should have transferred on Monday, but the hospital sent all the records to the wrong insurance company and didn't realize it until Tuesday, at which point they had to start from scratch. I just got tired of it and Wed morning I decided I was going home...enough of hospitals or any type of facility.

The docs said I had to walk 50 feet and do stairs. Heck I would have jumped if that's what it took. So I did my walking and my stairs, got the ok and came home.

Coming home, I didn't have a lot of energy, strength or stamina. It was hard just to get around the house the first few days. But day by day, I found myself becoming stronger and getting my stamina back.

Overall, I think the recovery is going well. I was outside yesterday (14 days post op) walking with the walker in front of the house. I'm up almost all day now and just feel better every day.

I'm really glad I did the surgery. The hip pain is 100% gone, now I just have the pain related to healing and that's much less than the pain I had before.

Monday, March 1, 2010


We took off Wednesday, after school let out and headed down to southern California... The kids played hookie on Thursday and Friday and we visited "the happiest place on earth". It was a blast! The weather was great on Thursday and Friday. They were predicting a "major storm" for Saturday.

Saturday, it rained for about 5 minutes, kind of a downpour and then was dry for 4 hours....that's a major storm??? The great news lines! The rain kept people away and you could come off a ride and go right back on. Even the "Fastpass" was turned off on all the rides...why fastpass when you can go right on?

We had a great time and drove back back to the real world.