Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, I'm 7 weeks out now and I have to tell you that the recovery has been much slower than I expected. I really felt that I'd be back to 100% in less time than they say is needed for recovery. Boy, was I wrong! I am getting stronger every day, but still am nowhere near 100%. I walk every day, strengthening my legs, but boy do I tire easily!

That said, I have made some "field trips" over the last week. Ralph said, 'I could see the cabin fever burning in your eyes". It was true. I was so tired of being at home. So, I went to Home Depot to the garden dept. last weekend. True, I didn't stay long, I knew what I wanted, but I did go and even stood in line at the check out! (Standing for any length of time is still tough.)

I went out to dinner on Thursday night (first time out at a restaurant since the surgery) and last night went for girl's bingo night at a friend's house. So, I finally am working back into having a life!

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