Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, Ralph got a job! That's the upside, the downside is that it is in West Virginia. So, he's off again, he started today. The kids were sad to see him go, but they are so used to Daddy being gone when he's working, they think that's the norm.

One of these days, he'll have a job where he can actually come home from work every night and the kids will think that's strange!

We had a fun 4th of July....running in the sprinklers, making floats, watching fireworks (illegal) in the night sky around our house. Really, there is no reason to go anywhere to watch fireworks, there were at least 4 illegal shows going on around us. The only problem was which way to look at any given time. These were high in the sky professional type fireworks.

After about an hour or so, the kids actually were getting scared, the booming was getting to them, so in we came and they snuggled up in my room and fell asleep.

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  1. I have not visited in such a looooong time! We haven't been home for 9 weekends! Well, we were home for one but it was the grad party weekend...and it was work but also fun. I caught your last 3 posts....YAY! a job...ohhhh Virginia! I am teaching a class this week and then I have a week off...time to get the house cleaned!

    Happy Summer! lMnop