Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's going on...

I haven't written much because there isn't much to write about.

We are starting to get into a routine with Ralph gone. It's weird, not having him here again, but we are all getting used to it.

We continue to have difficulties with Marielle and school and hopefully we can work them out.

Rico is thriving at school, is so into school, reading, math, etc., it's really fun to see.

Winter is about to come, as we are expecting our first storm of the season. We haven't seen rain, but for one day, since about May, so I'm actually looking forward to it. I can't wait to make my first fire in the fireplace.

I've got some kind of bug...I don't think it's the flu because I haven't had a fever, but otherwise feel like I got hit by a truck...body aches are the worst, stuffed up, sore throat...same thing most people around here who are sick are experiencing.

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