Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok so I've been remiss....

I haven't updated in forver....

Rico had a birthday...he's 6 now and very excited because 6 is SO much better than 5!

We went to Chuck E Cheese and then came home and had cake.

And, of course, today is Halloween....We have a Candy Corn Witch and Luigi from the Mario Brothers. They had a blast Trick or Treating, got lots of candy and then came home and helped give out candy.

We gave out every single piece of candy we had! 5 big bags worth and the kids still kept coming. We had to blow out the pumpkins and turn out the lights. We've never had so many kids!

But Marielle and Rico had a blast....the best Halloween ever!

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  1. What great photos! They look like Halloween models! Isabel said it was "the best night ever!"

    Happy 6th Birthday, Rico! Wow, six!