Thursday, November 5, 2009

SST meeting today....

Here's how it went....
It was agreed that Marielle does not qualify for an IEP at this point in time. However, it is very likely that at some future point in time, she will be eligible. In other words, her tests are not bad enough at this point to qualify her for an IEP. But, as you know, her problems will continue to impact her learning, and it is very likely that she'll need the IEP in the future, as work becomes more difficult.
We did arrange a 504 for Marielle, which includes:
extra time to complete work

reduced homework and classwork...teacher will highlight problems/tasks that Marielle needs to complete

10 minutes per day of reading intervention with an paraprofessional to work on reading fluency and phonetic elements

Marielle will be able to take a break in the office, if she becomes anxious or overwhelmed(An adult will direct this, when Marielle says she feels sick.)

Marielle will work weekly with the school psychologist (to help her learn self identify how she feels when she's overwhelmed or doesn't understan things)

Preferential seating at the front/center of the classroom

Teacher will give visual and verbal prompts to help her stay on task

Teacher will repeat directions to Marielle and then have Marielle repeat them back to the teacher, to make sure she understands them.

Marielle will be retested (all children are routinely retested) in January and we will meet again after those tests to review determination for eligibility for IEP.
Marielle's tests scores were all over the map...not showing anything as far as strengths or weaknesses.

I think it went well....we got accommodations and the chance to revisit in a couple of months. I feel ok with it.

In some ways, this feels a lot like when Marielle was first diagnosed with cancer...a bunch of professionals speaking Greek and you are trying to understand what it all means and how it applies to your child. Welcome to the educational system. Not fun at all.

I want to also mention that we did hire an advocate and thanks to her help, it was much easier to understand and navigate through the system.


  1. Whew! I am relieved to read that you had the SST and that you have an advocate. I sure wish I lived closer and could attend the mtgs with you. I certainly hope the arrangements are followed. It is so sad that children suffer through 2 1/2 years of treatment only to have to battle school too. It just isn't fair!

    I see that you know Juliette! Her mom's friend and I work together! Small cancer world eh?

    I have been in L.A. so much it is beginning to feel like home. I can't wait to be finished with it!

    Sending love across the bay,

  2. I just saw this today. Wow, what a lot to process. I think you got what is important for Marielle--accommodations and the chance to revisit the issue in a few months. Congratulations, I know it was a lot of work.