Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mushrooms....Portobello mushrooms

I love mushrooms. I especially love mushrooms, now that I'm trying to lose some weight. They are hearty and tasty and filling. My favorite way to eat these portobello mushrooms are on the grill. But, it's not exactly grilling weather, so my second favorite is teriyaki mushrooms.

A lot of people don't know what to do with these babies, so I'll tell you....first, you turn them over and pop off the stem. Then, use a tablespoon to scrape out the black stuff that is underneath. When the black stuff is all scraped out, it will look like the picture on the right. Then, I chop them up and throw them in a pan, with a little water on the bottom (so as the pan gets hot, the mushrooms don't burn). I want to cook them, not burn them.

I leave them in the pan at medium heat for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. If there is any liquid left over, I drain that out. Then I throw on about a tablespoon of teriyaki baste and glaze. This is important....use the glaze, not just teryaki sauce. The glaze will coat the mushrooms and stick to them.

That's it. Now they are ready to eat. They are scrumptious. Don't believe me? Try it yourself!

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