Thursday, July 23, 2009

Duck Eggs

So we had the duck eggs with dinner last night. They were very tasty! They are basically similar to chicken eggs, but the yolk is bigger, so the egg is richer. I made mine sunny side up and it was delish! The kids had theirs scrambled and they loved them. (Then they tried to eat my egg because they said it looked better cooked that way but I didn't let them have it...bwaaahhhh. I'm such a mean mommy.)

We will definitely get duck eggs again in the future. I'm going to make a quiche for dinner tonight with some of the eggs (chicken). I found a good recipe on the net...bacon, tomato and leek quiche. Doesn't that sound good? I also found another one that uses salsa and sausage, but want to tweak it to add veggies but haven't decided how to do it yet.

The kids have always enjoyed quiche and fritatas (basically quiche without the crust) and it's great that we have this new source for wonderfully fresh, great tasting eggs.

I am sure we'll take a trek out to the farm again in the not too distant future.

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