Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So Marielle has had this nervous habit. It started when she was diagnosed with cancer. She bites and picks at her nails and cuticles....so badly that they often bleed. She'll bite them down below the quick...ouch! As you can see in the "before" picture, her nails are very, very short.

I've tried to get her to stop but nothing seems to work. So, I told her I'd let her get fake nails, if she promised to take care of them and not pick or bite them. I figured that plastic wouldn't give her the same gratification.

So today, we both went for manicures. I'd never had a manicure before in my life! I get my hands dirty so much in the garden and the yard, doing dishes, etc. and my nails are hard and grow well on their own. But, hey, if she's going to get her nails done, Mama should, too, right? I loved the manicure (no fake nails for me) . Marielle is in heaven over her new nails! She picked the color so that she would look like a "rocker girl"! Let's hope she cares for them ok!

Marielle was very calm and super patient, by the way, even amazing that gal that did the manicure. I doubt that many 7 year olds are as patient as she is. But having practically grown up at the hospital and clinic, she's used to waiting for long periods of time.

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