Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nails, cont...

Well, Marielle remains enthralled by her new nails and is not biting or picking at them. Yeah! I told her if she leaves them alone, her regular nails will grow out underneath the fake ones and when we get the fake ones taken off, she can have a manicure on her real (and by then long) nails.

She likes this idea, but I think she likes the fake ones better.


  1. I love the color green she picked, though I would never be that brave. I hope this works!

    I attended our local Relay for Life here in Sonoma this morning and walked for two hours for my team. Tomorrow I am headed back before six to walk two more hours. I planned on collecting paperclips to send to Marielle and Rico, but they don't do that here! Just know I have a much better time walking with your kids than I do by myself here at home.

    Postcard Cindy