Monday, April 6, 2009

Afraid of the Dark

Marielle is scared at night, often. She really is afraid of the dark. I had hoped that time would ease the fear, but it hasn't. She often starts the night in our room, then Ralph moves her back while she is sleeping to her bed and then she creeps back into our room while we are asleep.

Last night I found her on the floor of our room, cuddled up with one of the pillow, no blanket, at around 3 am. I covered her with a comforter and then talked to her about it today.

She is very scared. I know why, I know the root of the problem. She never, ever came to our bed even once until she was diagnosed with leukemia. Then, we got the call at 3 am, go straight to the hospital, don't wait until morning. We did. I would give anything to NOT follow those instructions. The few hours wait would have not mattered at all. But, awakening her, from a deep sleep, taking her to the E.R. in the dark, then being admitted for 19 days, well, it's made her fear what she never feared before.

Overall, she has very little long term effects from the cancer treatment, at least emotionally. But, this fear of the dark has stayed. We've talked about it often but nothing I say can chase her fear away.

Anyone have any suggestions? We've talked about it, she has a bed full of stuffed animals to keep her company, a night light....just about anything I can think of. So, I'm open to ideas. All, except one...I will not force her to stay in her room by telling her our room is off limits, locking the door, etc.

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  1. hi i just added you as a fb friend and i have a blog im following yours now!!!!Your children are soooooo gorgeous!