Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!!!

So the bunny came a visiting our house this morning. He came pretty early, before the kids had woken up. And believe me, Marielle hopped up like a bunny this morning, something that you would not normally see, especially on a school day.

It's pretty exciting to see what the bunny brought, especially when you are 5 and 6 years old. Marielle ran to Rico's room and woke him up, to remind him that it was Easter. Then they both peered out his window into the back yard and came running to tell me that the bunny had come and that they saw things outside.

I had to be the tough mom and insist that they put on clothes and shoes before they could go out and explore. Hair was another hair done in time to go hunt eggs, as you can see from Marielle's "bed head" look, but who cares, there are eggs and other goodies to be found!

It was a very exciting time, but funny, too. Rico found a few things and then said, "Marielle, can I help you, the bunny didn't leave me much". That's when Marielle abandoned her search and started helping Rico, who had missed every single egg the bunny had left.

I just love the kids at this age and the excitement they bring to everything they do!


  1. Sooooo darn cute!!!

    happy easter!

  2. ...there's no time for a do when the bunny has been there!

    Nolan and Lex are in their pj's in the first picture on my blog...they were always up early hunting for their baskets inside...I don't miss the early part but I do miss hiding the goodies :)

    Happy Easter!