Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things...

I came home from playing bingo on Friday night to find a 70 piece puzzle put together and a message. The message said, "Marielle and Rico put this puzzle together, love, mom".

I don't know what touched me more...that my kids can do a 70 piece puzzle now or that my daughter leaves me notes. I love the way she turns around the signature part, putting "love, mom" at the end, instead of "Love, Marielle". The meaning is clear and that's all that matters...she loves me and wanted to share her and Rico's triumph with me.

I can't wait until they are old enough to do huge, old jigsaw puzzles, like we did growing up. You know, the kind that sit on the dining room table for weeks and everyone does a bit here and there until it's all done.

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