Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marine influence....Love those words!

Monday and Tuesday the weather was in the 90's both days. Too hot for me. We don't usually get this kind of weather at all, let alone in April. We set up the blow up pool and the kids loved it. I sent Ralph out to hang with them in the yard and hid in the air conditioned house. One nice thing about it though, I had kids who did their homework in record time with no whining because they wanted in that pool!

Luckily, yesterday the marine influence set in and that nice, cool breeze from the water came in...high in the mid 70's and really very pleasant. Today, it's foggy and wonder people are walking around with stuffed noses!

But, I'd rather have it be cool than too hot.


  1. Im a fan of temps in the 70s..its going to be 75 here this weekend and IM SOOOO READY!


  2. I'm with the weather and a blow up pool over the cold fig and long as it is warmer for hte following weekend for my 50th....are you coming?