Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I've always been a fan of word games....Many years ago, when my sister lived nearby, we'd spend hours playing games like scrabble and boggle. Well, guess what? Now my kids are old enough to start playing boggle. Yes, we amend the rules a bit for them, but it's still so fun to see them discover words! Of course, I can still win, but I'm actually looking forward to the day that one of them beats me.


  1. ...and if they are like my kids they will be beating you very, very soon!

    (I once got caught playing Boggle at work! My co-worker and I were playing at the rec center we manned at night...and our boss unexpectedly showed up.) Did we get fired? Heck no! Who else would actually work at a job that paid less than mimimum wage and do as great a job as we did?!)

    As for the dark...I would be afraid of it too!

  2. im horrible at spelling BUT i do love the play these games!!!!