Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ok, maybe I have strange kids, but the one thing they beg for is the Cooking Network on TV. Other kids might want to watch cartoons or videos, not mine. They beg me to put on the Cooking Network.

Yesterday was overcast and cold, but they played outside for a lot of the afternoon. Luckily, we have neighbors with kids our age and the kids were all running around in front, playing with bikes and scooters. And luckily, I have a husband who likes to putter around in the yard, so he cut the grass and then weeded and then moved to cleaning his truck bed out, so basically he was outside watching the kids while they were out there playing.

When he was done and the kids came in, they begged for the cooking shows. Ok, I caved. They'd run around enough to burn off a lot of calories and watching food brings in a lot fewer calories than eating it, right? The problem with letting them watch the cooking shows is that I get sucked in and watch them, too.

If they were watching a cartoon, there is no way I'd be interested, even if I were in the same room. I'd have a book in hand and be doing my own thing. But cooking shows, well, I just get sucked in. Most of the time, the dishes that are being cooked are too time consuming for me. No way I'm going to spend more than an hour and a half preparing a meal. Some are just too wild for me, too hot and spicy, too froofy, you know what I mean.

Then, there are the ones that look interesting, that I just might be able to make, that look like they just might taste good. I'm not an adventuresome cook. I can cook, I do cook, just about every day. But I'm not adventuresome. But I'm going to be today. It's raining and grey outside and we don't have anything planned. I'm going to let them watch more cooking shows when they get home from Sunday School. And I'm actually going to try a new recipe. One that lets the chicken stew for 2 hours. And then I'm making a side dish with coconut milk in it. There, take that! I hope it turns out....I'll let you know.

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