Saturday, February 21, 2009

Out of the blue...

"I hate my brown skin", this is what Marielle said yesterday, out of the blue. Oh, no, I've always told her that her skin is so lovely...where did that come from? I told her that people pay money to get their skin brown, they pay for spray tans, just to have skin her color.

Then I went on to tell her that I wished I had skin like hers. I told her the true story of when I was in Denmark for 3 weeks with my aunt, uncle and cousin and we spent every day for 3 weeks at the beach. Everyone else got beautiful tans....I got red. Really red. On the beach, everyone called me "the tomato" and it was true. No tans for me....just red. She laughed and I think she felt just a little bit better.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that makes me sad! My husband only gets red too...perhaps because when he did have hair it was red :) Marielle will be happier later in life when she doesn't have all the wrinkles us very white folks get!!