Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dogs in the Night

So we've been in a drought. We have had hardly any, maybe no, rain so far this year and very little in December, too. The days have been unseasonably warm, feeling more like spring than winter.

But last night, a storm blew in. After having had so many sunny, nice days, it felt good. As I ran the dogs out at 2:38 this morning (they seem to always have to go out at night, what is up with that?) I felt the electricity in the air.

I love the feel of a storm as it's coming in. The air is so fresh, so charged. I found it hard to come back into the house, standing outside the back door, in the middle of the night, stormy and wet but the feel of the air was just so good on my skin.

Ok, I guess it's not the worst thing to lose a bit of sleep in the night running the dogs out if now and then I get to catch the front of the storm coming in.

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