Saturday, June 6, 2009

Funny, true story....

Marielle had her clinic visit on Monday. Ralph took her this time. Now, it's been quite a while since Ralph had taken Marielle to clinic, at least a year, maybe longer. I sent Ralph with a list of questions that I wanted answered by the Oncologist and he did really well, getting answers to all but one on the list.

The next day, I called the clinic and spoke with our favorite nurse practitioner about the one unanswered question. She then relayed this story to me:

Ralph signed Marielle in and then had to sign consent forms, as you need to sign new ones every 12 months and it was our turn. Then the receptionist came back and told the nurse practitioner:

"There is a man out with Marielle who is saying he is her dad but it's not her dad. I don't know what to do. I know Marielle's dad, I've seen him many times and this is NOT him."

Cynthia, the nurse practitioner told the receptionist that she would go out to the lobby and check on Marielle. So she went out and talked with Ralph a bit and then came back and told the receptionist that it was, in fact, Ralph, Marielle's dad who was with Marielle.

Ralph had only ever been to the clinic and hospital either coming from or going to work. So the receptionist had only ever seen him "looking military" uniform, short hair.

Well, Ralph hasn't cut his hair since September, last year, when he finished up his military time. It's quite long and curls now (you couldn't tell that it was curly before because it was "military short") not to mention that he has pierced ears and was dressed in what would be called, "Hawaiian casual".

I thought it was too funny that he was not recognized and think it's high time he got his hair cut!!! Doesn't this prove my point?

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  1. Now that's funny!!
    I am not good with recognizing fact it takes weeks before I can even attempt to tell the parents of my students apart at the beginning of the year...and to make matters worse there are many different races...and sometimes a mom will drop off and a father will pick up and all the faces just blend together...and I am embarrassed to say that NP could have easily been me!

    Happy Saturday!