Saturday, June 20, 2009

Relay for Life

Today we participated in our 4th Relay for Life. I can't believe it! You never know what you'll see at the Relay. Marielle loved this dog...he's too cool.

Once again, we got to hang out with "Postcard Cindy", an awesome woman, who was very helpful today. She did laps with the kids and helped them get lunch. My leg is in no shape to do laps around the field. Cindy is awesome, sends postcards to sick kids and is a sweet, sweet lady. She also gave each of the kids a webkinz. They loved that.

We were on Team Ali once again. This is Marey, Ali's mom. The little girl next to her is one of her students and she is also a cancer survivor. Ali had the same kind of leukemia Marielle had and is now 2 years Off Treatment. She wasn't there because she is working at UCSF this summer and had a commitment today. Marielle really wanted to see Ali.

The Relay began with the youngest and oldest survivors cutting the ribbon. This is Marielle with the oldest survivor.

Here is Marielle with her ribbons from all the Relays. Oh, and she wanted me to mention that she won the race again. She and Maia and Rico ran the whole way, beating the oldest survivor on the survivor lap. LOL

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  1. Marie,

    I can't tell you much I enjoyed spending time with your kids yesterday! It was even more fun than last year. I must mention how well behaved they were on our walks, and how polite. I must give credit for this back to you and your husband. I hope to see all of you again very soon!

    Postcard Cindy

    PS...Now I need a nap. Though we didn't sleep at Relay, I didn't get much sleep. You were so wise not to come back for the evening part...It was colder than you could even imagine!