Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who stole my daughter....

And replaced her with a reader???

Marielle, who hates reading, who cries when I tell her she has to sit and read to me, got up today, got 2 books, read one and then read the other one to me. Two books before 9 am! I can hardly believe it.

But, on the other hand, motivation....

I told both kids to pick out a new webkinz. Marielle picked the guinea pig. She would love to have a real life guinea pig, but that's not happening, so she was thrilled that there was a new webkinz guinea pig. Rico picked out the porcupine. Then I told them that I would buy them but they were mine until they read 20 books. When 20 books were read, the webkinz were theirs to adopt. Oh yes, and yesterday I pulled them out and showed the animals to them and then packed them away until the books were read.

I made up a book list on the computer and printed one out for each and we started yesterday with Rico reading 2 books and Marielle reading 1. They each wrote the name of the book on the list after they read it.

I guess Marielle is inspired by her webkinz and really, really wants it. Great! I'll buy more webkinz if it motivates her to read! Here's to a summer full of reading!


  1. Yahoo for the new changling! Keep it up Marielle!!
    See you soon :)
    XXOO, Marey

  2. Marie,

    I am really looking forward to seeing you and your family at Relay next weekend. I just happen to have some webkins and Marey and I came up with a plan. I will address and stamp five cards each for both the kids. After they write all of them to me you will give them the toys. I hope thats ok with you!

    Postcard Cindy

  3. Cindy,

    That would be awesome! You are too kind. But you must give them the webkinz, since they are coming from you. See you at the Relay!

  4. Marie,

    Ok, I am fine with that! I will still bring the stamped cards, because Marey says writing makes for good reading. Really they can just draw a picture and then send them off.

    I am hoping for nice weather, not to hot like last year or as cold as it has been here lately in Sonoma!

    See you soon and here is my correct email address: