Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learning to read

So last night, Rico reads the book Wall-E as his book. Now, it was Daddy's night with reading, I was in the kitchen puttering around. Rico reads his book in 3 minutes. But, then again, it's the 5 words on a page kind of book with some pages only having pictures.

Half an hour later, I realize that Marielle is struggling through her book. Wait a minute? It should not take this long for her to read a book on her reading level. So I asked what she was reading... Skippyjon Jones and the Mummy Trouble. That's a bit above her reading level. So I tell them to stop, she's read enough and Ralph says they are almost done.

Later, as we are cuddling in bed, I tell Marielle she gets credit for reading 2 books, because that was a hard book and a lot longer than her brother's book. Then I tell her to choose easier books. And she says to me, "Mom, I want hard books. I want to read more and learn the hard words because I want to be a good reader".

Sometimes that girl just pulls my heart strings. She tries so hard. Things that come easy to her brother, aren't coming easy to her but man, is she a fighter! And the way she's going, she's going to be a good reader, too.


  1. GO Marielle!!! I love to read to, I just wish I had more time for that. What a great sport!

    Postcard Cindy

  2. Skippyjon Jones, we love Skippyjon jones in our house! Go reading!

  3. Marie
    I often feel the same way with Jess & Sam... Jess works so hard and everything comes so easy to Sam. Even more difficult to deal with when there is a 7 year age difference and your little brother knows your spelling words before you do. After having read your questions on FT and then reading this, I know that Marielle will make it through whatever difficulties. Like Jess, she will work her tail off to do what needs to be done. It breaks my heart that they have to work so hard, but bless them for their perserverence.