Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love after 18 years...

So Ralph and I are sitting on the couch watching American Idol and chatting about the contestants and he sets his coke down between us and then unknowingly knocks it over. I grab for it, miss, and then try to grab it again, as it's dribbling coke all over my sofa. Ralph grabs my hand, thinking I'm reaching for him to hold hands....how sweet..... and I pull my hand back and he grabs even harder. I finally say, "Let go of me" and he looks quizzically at me and asks why.

No, I'm not getting coy after 18 years, the coke is spilling all over the couch! He finally lets go and I grab the darn can and set it up on the couch and he knocks it over again! By now I'm freaking out. I can't get up quickly and he's not moving. Is it fair to ban coke from the living room? He finally gets the can back in the kitchen and cleans the couch. Sheesh, I love you but let's face it, I'm not grabbing for you because I love you, it's the coke!

P.S. I couldn't get up quickly because my hip has had severe pain for almost a week. I got xrays yesterday and saw the orthopedist today. I have arthritis in my left hip (to go with the right knee that also has arthritis). So, I'm on a cane, NSAIDS, steroids to fight inflammation and pain meds and movin' nice and slow right now.


  1. I hope the hip and knee are feeling better after all that! Nothing is worse than not being able to walk without pain!

    I did get a laugh about the Coke...
    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Hi there! I was just dropping by to check on you all! I hate to hear that you are in pain and even walking on a cane. Hang in there! Say hello to Marielle, Rico and Ralph!