Friday, May 8, 2009

Pictures, yeah, we have pictures.

It's nice to have friends.....who like to dabble in photography....who will come over and take pictures of your kids....

And capture just a bit of their personality....

And capture a moment in time with your family....

Including your boy when he says, "I'm not listening" in actions, not words (which happens often, by the way)

Oh, the sweetest smile....

Siblings and he even caught Rico and a bit of his impishness in this shot:

Yes, it's good to have friends who are willing to come over and take pictures of you and your family.

Thanks, Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. They are just gorgeous! what a nice friend you have! I better find one of those!

    Happy Mothers day!

  2. Wow...what great shots of eveyone! I treasure the few pics we get when we are all together!! What a great gift!