Friday, May 8, 2009

There's something that's freakin' me out....

So I asked Marielle this morning to bring the dogs in from the backyard and she comes in and says, "Mom, there's something that's freakin' me out in the backyard. I think it's a nose". I asked her, as I'm standing at the sink, "Oh, like a little critter peeking out from under the deck?" and she said, "No, like a nose all by itself on the ground".

What was it?

A dead bird. Even though we have collars with bells on our cats, sometimes they still manage to get a bird here or there. I don't really feel guilty because we do have a bird feeder and do keep it stocked with sunflower seeds and I figure it evens out....we keep some birds fed and alive through the winter and now and then the cats win one.

Anyway, Dad came to the rescue, with 2 kids peering out the window, he grabbed a plastic bag, snared the dead bird and put it in the garbage can. Oh, it's so easy to be a hero!

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