Saturday, May 23, 2009

So I ask you....

Was it meant to be or what?

At the end of September, 2003, the Hague treaty agreement was ruled unconstitutional. The ban against international adoptions between the U.S. and Guatemala was lifted. In October, Rico was born. We had a fast, uncomplicated process and brought Rico home just as he was turning 4 months old.

Now, I always wanted 2 children. Ralph never wanted more than one. When we adopted Marielle, we had agreed that the only way we'd ever adopt again was if Marielle had a biological sibling placed for adoption. Hmmm, so let's recap....

Twelve families passed up Marielle. We got her. Not 2 years later, after a ban on international adoptions had been in place in Guatemala, the ban was lifted, Marielle's brother was born, and we were able to adopt him.

Was it meant to be or what?

Without Marielle, we'd never have Rico. I'm sure I'd be very happy being a mommy to one little girl. But I'm over the moon happy that I am the mom of 2. Two kids who are very close in age, who love each other very much, who are both very sweet and very unique.

And when Marielle was diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment I often thanked God for Rico, who kept me sane, kept me grounded during treatment. He really didn't get what was going on, he wasn't even 2 at the time of diagnosis, but he's always been a little comedian and he kept us all smiling and kept Marielle giggling, even in the worst of times.

Was it meant to be or what?

Oh, and the ban is back in place again today. The anti-adoption factions were able to put another law in place that shut down international adoptions. How very sad for the children left behind....

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  1. Now that's the coolest story! My co-worker's best friend has little Javier who is just one year old and was adopted from Guatemala....they had to wait so long to get him...and when they visted him they could not leave the hotel! How sad to know a baby is yours but have to go home without him! ...and now some will never have homes! Marielle and Rico are soooo lucky to have you and Ralph!