Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tonight is open house at the kids' school. They are both so excited about it. They can't wait to show off their rooms. Now, mind you, it's not like I haven't seen their rooms, I've been a parent volunteer most of the year, but it's different for open house, you know. Anyway, Rico has silkworms and ducklings in his room and Marielle has butterflies and silkworms in her room and they are so excited to share them with us.

I also want Marielle to check out the room she'll be having next year. Yes, I know that we're not supposed to know who the teacher will be until the day before school starts, but a little blue jay was on my lawn the other day and told me who it would be. I told Ralph about the little birdie telling me who Marielle would have next week and then I said, "Oh and she said, 'I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you".

Of course, Rico overheard this and went kooky. He said, "How can a bird kill you?" and I told him I guess it could peck me to death...then he hugged me and said he didn't want me to die. I laughed and told him not to worry.

Then, when Marielle came home from school and I told her who her teacher was going to be, Rico relayed the bird story. Marielle said, "Mom, you can tell me, who really told you, I can keep a secret" . Rico, very seriously, shouted, "NO, I don't want Mama to die!!!". Glad to know that Rico has my NO sharing secrets with Marielle because I've got to keep on living!

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