Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catching up....

Here is my other Cat in the Hat, who borrowed her brother's get up to go to Dr. Seuss's birthday party at school, where the teachers read Seuss books and all the kids got cake.

If you gargen, then you'll appreciate this raised bedding area, all weeded and double dug (digged?) and ready to be planted. What a beautiful sight. I wish I could take credit for it but all I did was stand there and say, "Oh, good job, honey". Ralph did all the work. But, I'll be handling the gardening from here on out. (With a little help from Marielle, she is my super garden helper.)

Oh, and why the chicken wire, you ask? Because we have a very exuberant Lab who likes to eat what I plant....well, actually he'll eat just about anything. He ate one bush to the ground and has even eaten a big chunk of our Meyer Lemon Tree, thorns and all.


  1. It looks great, I'm covetong it as I type. I'm wanting to do a raised bed this year, but may stick to container gardening. All that watering though, yikes...

  2. coveting...
    That's what happens when a mediocre typist doesn't switch on the lamp.