Friday, March 13, 2009

Thinking of Isabel and Her Family

Today Marielle went with Daddy to visit Isabel in the hospital. Isabel has ALL, just like Marielle did. We first met her when she was in DI, now she has 6 more days of chemo to go. But, wouldn't you know it, she popped a fever, had an ANC of 60 and wound up in the hospital with less than a week of chemo to go! Almost 2 and a half years of chemo and she winds up in the hospital at the very end. Pretty sucky.

I would have loved to go and visit with Isabel and her mom, but wouldn't you know, I've got a really nice sinus infection/bronchitis going on right now and the last thing Isabel needs is to be exposed to that, so I stayed home with Rico.

I think it's been really great for both our girls that Marielle and Isabel are friends. Isabel is 7, so very close in age to Marielle, and the first time they met, after a few minutes of shyness, they were comparing broviac scars. It makes it seem a little less weird to have cancer when you know you are not the only little girl out there going through it.

Anyway, if you have a chance, say a little prayer for Isabel that she has no more fevers, her ANC rises and she gets out of the hospital soon. It's been 5 days already and when you are in the hospital and 7 years old, 5 days seems like forever.

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  1. Sending prayers to Isabel.

    How nice of Ralph and Marielle to visit! That helped pass time I am sure :)

    Does she have a caringbridge page?