Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We've been hit with the bug....

Some kind of upper respiratory bug that's going around. Marielle started it, sick on Sunday, out of school yesterday. Rico's coughing and stuffed up and then this evening I started feeling achy and had a sore throat.

The good thing is that Marielle is feeling better, though not back to 100%, so there is hope that this clears out pretty quickly. Marielle missed school yesterday and just kind of hung around on the couch watching videos and TV and was better today and back in school. But school wiped her out and she came home, walked in the door and started crying. I'm hoping that by tomorrow she'll be back to 100%.

Rico has the best immune system in the house...and 100% attendance at school so far this year. Although coughing and up last night with a cough, he went to school and seemed better when he got home.

Here's hoping that this bug is flying out of our house on the chill we have tonight...

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