Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wanted, Dead or Alive

Marielle has decided that Bon Jovi's Wanted, Dead or Alive, is her new favorite song. So, I just can't pass up a teaching moment and that lead to us talking about the old west and how they would put up posters for outlaws, that said, "Wanted Dead or Alive".

And that lead to us talking about what I would do if I saw an answer was "Wait for the menfolk, I wouldn't shoot anyone if I didn't have to", which lead to her asking but what if they wanted to shoot us, which lead to me saying that if I had to, like if someone was trying to kill her or Rico, I would shoot them, which lead Marielle to say, "But then you'd be in jail" which then lead to me explaining that self defense will not lead you to jail, which then lead me to think that maybe teaching moments aren't that great after all because they lead to 20 minute conversations!

Which then lead me to the computer, to find examples of "Wanted, Dead or Alive" posters, which lead me to this really cool site that allows you to make your own wanted posters (though not dead or alive) and then I created some posters for us and that was super cool!

(Oh and here's the link, in case you want to make one:


  1. Good choice of music!
    Love the wanted posters...did you print them off too? Those would be very cute in their rooms.

  2. Yes, of course, they now are on the door to each of their rooms!