Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Results of today's blood tests....

Just talked to the doc:

Blood test results show no blasts (Very good news), normal hemaglobin, normal platelets but very high white cell count. He wants to stay on top of why white cell count so high. So, we'll be back at the docs tomorrow, he wants to re-examine, then do a UA and then do the blood count again on Friday to see which way it's trending.

A high blood count is not a specific disease by itself but indicates infection, systemic illness, inflammation, allergy, leukemia and tissue injury caused due to burns.

So we aren't out of the woods yet but I'm hoping that it's just some kind of infection.


  1. Let's hope for a simple infection! I will keep checking and praying!!

  2. Marie, how did today go? Been thinking about you all.