Sunday, March 22, 2009

We went anyway!

Oh, so that's how snow tastes!

So I figured either one of 2 things was happening....either it was a virus and she was over it or it was the beginning of a relapse. If it was a relapse, well, this might be the only time she'd see snow. If it was a virus, then she was past it. So we loaded up the Honda and took off for the mountains.

It was a glorious day! The weather was warm, around 65 degrees and it was crystal clear and sunny. We stopped at a snow park up by Donner Summit. The kids had a blast....well, Rico was pretty whiny, somehow he didn't realize that snow was cold! So he kept complaining about the snow making him cold.

Marielle hiked back quite a ways with Daddy, while I took Rico back to the car to warm up.

Then, we went up to Reno and spent the night at Circus Circus....the kids won a ton of stuffed animals playing at the midway (yeah, and we need stuffed animals 'cuz we only have about, uh, 200 or so left).

Then we raced home ahead of the storm! It was a fun trip!


  1. Yay! I was checking back for an happy you got to go to the snow...I like your reasoning too!

    Can that girl get any taller and thinner! She's sure grown off chemo!
    XXOO, M

  2. I was surfing the web and thought I would drop in and check on you guys. I loved that you all got to getaway for snow this past weekend. We have had our share here in TN this year. We had been needing some for a while. We went to the beach this weekend to a car show. It was a much needed mini vacation! I will be checking back on you all often! Tell Marielle and Rico both I said hello!

    Jana Chambers