Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raffle time

Ok, so Marielle is just the sweetest kid around. Seriously. Considering all she went through with 2+ years of chemo, all the pokes and prods, all the side effects, well, you would understand if she were bitter or had a negative outlook on life. Not Marielle.

Here's an example. A couple of weeks ago, the kids went to a carnival. At the carnival, you could play games for tickets and then trade the tickets in for prizes. Ha! No trading in of tickets for my girl. She came home, pleased as punch, with a bag full of tickets.

You see, in our house, tickets mean one thing...have a raffle. So, lately, it's been raffle time in our house.

Marielle selects some of her little trinkets and toys and makes a prize box. Then she distributes tickets and holds a raffle. Last night we had a raffle. When someone wins, she is so happy for them and she helps pick out a prize. So when I won, she came over with the prize box, then whispered, "Mom, I put some cool erasers in because you like to write". When Daddy won a prize, she said, "Dad, I put some boy things in, too, like here's a dinosaur". Then she looked at Rico's tickets and tried to pick one of his as a winner. (She likes to spread the joy around.) We had to play until at least everyone won once.

Now, isn't that just the sweetest thing?!

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  1. That's precious!
    And what is it with tickets?! I have a roll in my classroom and pass them out when kids write during writer's workshop...the prizes are so lame...but they will for a ticket!