Friday, October 14, 2011

Another "no cooking night"

So Wednesday, we had PTA meeting and that means get homework done, a little down time and then off to PTA. Since Marielle was behind in her reading, we had to sit together for about an hour to catch up and that put my schedule behind.

I had a coupon for $1.50 off new Buitoni frozen ravioli and it was on sale from $9.99 to $8.99 at Safeway last week, so I bought a couple of packages. I had tried the chicken and mushroom at Bunco and loved it. So I bought one of those and one of the lobster and shrimp ravioli dinner as well.

The package says dinner for two on it, but really ,this is easily dinner for 4. Just pair it with some garlic bread and a salad and you are good. Really, the amount is very generous, I cannot imagine 2 people eating all of it, well, maybe 2 teenage boys but for most families this is really easily made into dinner for 4.

I didn't have high expectations, really, because most products that say "shrimp and lobster" usually have this mush that you can't tell what it is inside the ravioli. But this had actual shrimp and pieces of lobster that you could tell was lobster. It was easy to make, just boil the pouch and ravioli and while that was cooking, I made a salad and some garlic bread.

It made a great easy, quick meal. The price was right (with the coupon, the cost of the ravioli was $7.49) a bargain for this quality product.

I'll definitely serve it again.

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