Sunday, October 16, 2011


On Sundays, in our house, I only cook 2 meals....brunch and dinner. It's a chance for me not to spend all day in the kitchen and the kids love brunch.

I usually make brunch around 11 am. If the kids are up early and hungry, I'll tell them to just munch on a piece of fruit until brunch.

Usually I'll make something like french toast or pancakes, sometimes a Dutch Baby and then eggs and bacon. If you have leftover sandwich bread that's kind of stale from the week, a great way to use it, is to make french toast. After dipping in a milk and egg wash and cooking, you just can't tell it's old bread.

So today I made, eggs, pancakes and bacon. The kids loved it. It wasn't difficult....I microwave the bacon, while making the pancakes and eggs. The pancakes I made from a mix (just add water).

So, total for brunch:

Pancakes $1.50
Eggs ($1.39 a dozen on sale, I used 6) 70 cents
Bacon ($2.99 a pound, I used half) $1.50

So, a great Sunday morning brunch, cost: $3.70

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  1. I am just starting to enjoy breakfast foods, although I did make breakfast for my kids. A parent gave me some Dutch pancake mix. Even the box was in Dutch so she translated the made the best pancakes ever :)
    Happy Sunday!