Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fish and Weekly Safeway Deals

Fish is a very healthy food. I often hear, "But my kids don't eat fish. Well, maybe fish sticks."
If your kids don't eat fish, it's time to introduce them to it. They say you have to serve something 10 times or more, before many kids will accept it. So start serving more fish!

Fish isn't really expensive, either. We buy our fish at COSTCO, in the big size, then we break it into meal size portions and freeze the meal size portions in the freezer and pull them out when we are ready to prepare. Take it out the night before and leave it in the fridge and it will defrost by dinner time.

Another great thing about fish is that it's super fast to prepare. Last night we had talapia. I buy it in fillets. I just sauteed it in the pan with a bit of butter and some spices. I used paprika, seasoning salt and tumeric, but if your family isn't into spices, just use seasoning salt. It takes only about 3 minutes per side.

I made sauteed mushrooms to go with the fish...just sautee in a bit of butter and then just before they are done, I added 2 tablespoons of Greek salad dressing for a great flavor.

With that, I served baby carrots and Noodle Roni. Yes, you can make your dinner easier but adding one "semi-home-made" item.

Total cost for dinner: Fish $2.00, carrots 20 cents, mushrooms $2.00, NoodleRoni $.89
So dinner for us cost a little over $5.00

One way to cut down on costs for food is to make your protien serving smaller. We each had half a fillet. That came to about 5 ounces. Most Americans think you need huge portions of protien, but you don't. It's far healthier and much cheaper to eat more veggies and less protien. I assure you that none of us left the table hungry.


Deals this week at Safeway:

Broccoli is a great deal at 79 cents a enough for a couple nights dinners and don't be stingy, you can put lots of broccoli on the plate for pennies.

Apples, I think it's Gala apples, but not 100%, are on sale for 99 cents a kids will have apples in their lunch this week.

Bananas are 79 cents a pound, a good price. We'll have bananas as snacks this week.

Eggs are on sale for $2.49 for 18 eggs. Why not make breakfast for dinner one night this week? Eggs are one of the cheapest protiens you can get. Another idea with the eggs is a fritatta, one of my favorite ways to cook eggs.

Onions are on sale for 99 cents a pound. Carmelized onions are delicious and make a great side dish.

Last week, Safeway had a special that if you buy $75. in groceries, you got a $10 off coupon for future groceries. I took advantage of that and used my $10. off coupon this week.

Total cost for groceries for us this week: $47.82

One thing I try to do, is buy big one week and small the next. So this week I bought some staples like milk and eggs, but tried to keep my overall shopping small. We'll use things from the freezer and pantry, adding fresh items for the week.

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