Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So the kids have been talking birthdays quite a bit lately, as in "I can hardly wait until I'm 10" or "I can hardly wait until I'm 12". And the subject of my birthday came up again not too long ago. Now, mind you, my birthday is in April, so it wasn't any time recently that we celebrated it.

But, last year, I turned 39.....again. And Marielle caught it and asked, "Can you do that, Mom?", to which my reply was, "I just did".

So yesterday she asks me, "Mom are you just going to stay 39 all the time now?"
I answered, "Pretty much, yeah".
She shook her head and said OK and walked away.

Just wait, little one, one day, you'll understand!

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  1. I got asked if I was 8 the other day! I love it!

    When Lex was 4 she asked me if she could stay 4 years old forever...I told her she could...and after that when people would ask her how old she was she would say, "I don't know!"