Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a historic day....

Starting this morning, when the TV was on....a rarity in our house. As I woke up Marielle, she asked, "Mom, what's that noise?". It was the TV on, the pre-inauguration ceremonies on CNN. Ralph dropped the kids at school, I didn't want to miss a minute of the ceremony.

We had a talk with the kids, about how this marks the first time a person of color is becoming the leader of our country. Then I asked them if, someday, they could be president. Marielle said she would be too scared, Rico just said no. As both are naturalized citizens, not born U.S. citizens, they cannot become president one day. But, I hope that , over time as they grow up, knowing that people of color can do anything, as shown by President Obama, I hope that it will inspire them to reach higher, to want more, to strive to break boundaries.

Love him, hate him, hope for change, fear for the future, any way you look at it, today is a historic day. And as a mother of children of color, I am so proud of our country today.

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