Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another tooth bites the dust....

Marielle has now lost 8 teeth, not that she's counting or anything. The tooth fairy brought her $2. She has begun to ask why I put a sticky note that says, "Tooth fairy" on my monitor whenever she loses a tooth. (The answer, of course, is so that I remember to go to bed early, so the tooth fairly can come and leave money for her.)

I have a standing offer of $1. for any child who allows me to pull out their loose tooth. Yesterday morning Marielle informed me that Daddy told her he would give her $2, if he could pull it out. Huh? Offering more money behind my back? That will not do. I promptly gave her a one time only offer of $5, if she would let me pull her tooth. The answer was no and she pulled it herself at school.

Rico, on the other hand, has lost 2 teeth and has $2. extra dollars to show for it. Hmmm, wonder which one will become wealthy?

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