Monday, January 5, 2009

Life with a Border Collie

So we have a new kitten, she's about 5 months old now. She has this very strange habit, you see, she likes to clean her paws in the dog's water dish. Kind of like a mini bath, she puts in a paw, shakes off the water, puts in the other paw, shakes off the water...hmm, I wonder if she thinks she's part bird....

Anyway, we also have a Border Collie. Now, the Border Collie has decided that she will not stoop to drinking smelly cat wash water. So, if I put in fresh water, she will drink it. If I don't she goes over to the water dish, smells it and gives off one high pitched bark....which is Border Collie for, "Change this water now because I'm thirsty and I am not stooping to drinking this water".

Now, those of you who do not have Border Collies might think that I would just ignore this and eventually the Border Collie will get thirsty enough and just drink the water. Wrong. The Border Collie lies down at the water dish and then gives off the one high pitch bark about every minute until I either change the water or let her outside, where fresh, clean water is available. And yes, I've tried ignoring her and finally break down after about 20 barks in 20 minutes. After all, there is only so much barking I can take....and our Border Collie knows this.

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  1. Oooooh, and I think it is a Border Collie that is on a magnet I have that says, "Hello, my name is No, No Bad Dog! What's yours?"

    Glad you have a if you can just blog from the bike you'll be good!