Friday, January 9, 2009

Extreme Makeover

We are doing our own Extreme Makeover in Marielle's room. We started by painting. Marielle's walls were a light lilac, now they are light pink. Honestly, I can hardly tell the difference. But hey, she is thrilled that her walls are pink. "Pink! Pink! My favorite color, thanks, Mom." The room looks like a hurricane swept through it and barfed up stuffed animals. Right now, there are over 100 stuffed animals strewn about her room. They usually are on her bed with her. This picture is a picture of her room "before".

No, don't ask me how she sleeps with over 100 stuffed animals on her bed. When I ask her how she finds room and can we please move some off, she says, "But, Mom, they are my friends. I can't move them off the bed. They'd be lonely!".

Anyway, the painting was done yesterday and today we'll clean the rug and move the furniture back in. As I was doing her hair this morning, Marielle had a breakthrough. She said, "Mom, maybe we can remove some things from my room". I thought, "YES!" and was already mentally moving out about half of those stuffed animals. And then I asked her what she thinks should be moved and she said, "That picture and my hair stuff". Uh, not quite what I had in mind.

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  1. Can't wait to see the new room!
    And the Tudors...sounds like something I might watch! I love to read non-fiction.