Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

The new year has begun and so I've decided to close out Marielle's CaringBridge page and start a blog. Marielle is now over a year Off Treatment, it seems only right to close down the pages associated with her cancer. But, for anyone who wants to still see how she is doing or how we, as a family are doing, I've started this blog.

Yesterday, we met with Sheryl and her daughters, Bridget and Brianna at the Lawrence Hall of Science. The kids had great fun, running out quite a bit of energy and seeing the exhibits.

Sheryl and I yacked it up and could have continued talking for hours (days?) and still had more to say. I can't believe we've known each other online for so long and waited so long to finally meet in person about a month ago.


  1. Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! Its just as addictive as Caringbridge, but thankfully, not as stressful. :)

    I cannot believe how big your kids look in the photo .... I know we didn't get to share pictures as often on All-Kids, but I SWEAR yours grew when I wasn't looking!

    Happy New Year!
    Kristie (mom to Kendrie)

  2. Awesome idea, Marie! Great thinking.

    I started a blog for our family before Will was diagnosed, but then Caring Bridge & ALL took over. I've started trying to post on my blog again and find comfort in doing postings there. It's nice to have "something other".

    BTW, I love the family picture here that is your profile picture. It's nice to see you all together in one place and looking so happy. It makes me smile and brings me hope.

    Angie Armstrong