Friday, January 2, 2009

How my boy thinks....

Yesterday, when I took my shower, I noticed that the water was draining very slowly from the bathtub drain. I asked Ralph to take a look...maybe we needed to snake out the lines again. (We have tree root issues with the drain and every now and again need to snake out the line to get things moving.)

Marielle overhears this and says (in her 6 year old tattletale way),"I know why the drain is slow. Rico was shoving pieces of the bath sponge down the drain".

Uh, ok. So I called Rico over and had a little talk about how the grate was there for a reason, to stop things from clogging up the drain. Rico, unphased, said, "But Mom, the sponge wanted to go to see the ocean. It wanted an adventure! " Now how do you discipline that?

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